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ELIA has become a model for excellence, beauty and quality in home design and improvement.

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Over the course of 40 years, the ELIA name has become synonymous with combined professionalism, integrity and industry quality. Our passion for innovation, attention to the finer details and endless persuit of perfection have played a key part in our success.

When it comes to home design, product knowledge and grade, and an altruistic committment to clients and projects, the ELIA brand outshines. At the heart of our respected company is an incredible team obsessed with design, enduring functionality and providing industry quality- for you, your family and your home. 

As we lean into a future where technology is rapidly advancing and where trends constantly fold and evolve, ELIA will continue to seek timeless combinations, and manufacture products of the highest contemporary standards.

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Custom fabrication

Experience our bespoke fabrication, tailored to your one of a kind space, your wild vision and your incredibly high standards.


Providing client satisfaction and happiness is our main priority


We uphold professionalism, directness and integrity at the core of our practices.

Persuit of Perfection

We don’t settle for secondary quality or average outcomes.

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Home Products

ELIA holds one of the largest inventories for bathrooms, tiles, and kitchens in Australia, providing you with the vast library of options you need to realise your dream space. 


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