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Product description

AQUA-SEAL GOLD+® Used & trusted by Professionals. Perfect for when you need to make the right sealer choice. Provides Maximum Stain Resistance against oil, food and grime. Inhibits mould and mildew growth. AQUA-SEAL GOLD+® is a below surface, penetrating type, natural look sealer. It is water based and non flammable. It is non yellowing, non coating and UV resistant. It can be used as a pre-grouting sealer to help prevent grout haze and grout staining. Reduces freeze/thaw damage, spalling and efflorescence (salt deposits). It is breathable and allows excellent Moisture Vapour Transmission. Formulated with the latest Nano-AQS™ plus Rapid-Seal STS™ Technology. Provides maximum stain protection in 4 hours (Rapid Seal). Safe to use in food preparation and serving areas. Use as a stone sealer, tile sealer, encaustic sealer, terrazzo sealer or grout sealer. For indoor, outdoor, domestic & commercial areas. LOW VOC FORMULA (<5 gm/L).

Quick Specifications

PREMIUM Natural Look
Surface Type
For porous surfaces e.g. all natural stone like basalt, bluestone, granite, limestone, marble, quartzite, sandstone, slate, travertine etc plus porcelain tiles, encaustic tiles, terrazzo, concrete, pavers, saltillo, grout and other surfaces where a natural look and maximum stain and water resistance is required.
Full coverage chart at www.aqua-seal.com.au Coverage will vary depending on density, porosity, texture, surface absorption, weather conditions, the application method and number of coats. Approx 10 - 40m2 per 1 litre per coat.
Sealers Plus
TEST FIRST Due to the nature of different surfaces, you should do a few inconspicuous test areas following label instructions to determine ease of application, surface colour stability and the desired results. The end user must determine the suitability of the product for their intended use

Aqua Seal Gold+



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